What is a Unicamel?

Most of you probably haven’t heard about this mystical creature, but today, I will tell you how the first Unicamel came into existence.

A UniCamel is a magical being who once was an ordinary camel. After a long and tiresome journey in a faraway desert, a lone camel drank out of a magical lake. The water was the color of rainbows and held power to turn ordinary creatures into magical beings. This is how the first Unicamel came about.

UniCamel look like

During the summer of 2020, a group of camels was searching for water in a remote and faraway desert untouched by humans. Within this group, one camel did not agree with the rest of them. He believed they were moving in the wrong direction, and after weeks of searching for water and finding nothing, he decided to leave the group and go his own way. As the group continued on their path, he made a right turn and set off on his own journey.

As days and nights passed, the camel started to wonder if he had made the right decision by leaving his group. He was a prideful camel though, and refused to return to them. He would rather die from dehydration than be a UniSheep who blindly followed the crowd. He was strong-minded and knew that he could make it on his own.

UniCamel portrait
UniCamel full height

One morning, after sleeping through a heavy sandstorm, the camel noticed some colorful sparks in the distance. He was amazed and didn’t quite believe his eyes. It looked like a beautiful rainbow flowing out of the dusty sand. It didn’t make sense; how could there be a rainbow in the middle of a desert that hadn’t seen rain in months? He had nothing to lose, so he followed the colors into the distance.

Determined to see what was creating the spectacular colors, the camel walked for two days straight. He was thirsty but felt an overwhelming pull toward the sparkling lights. As he got closer, the colors became even brighter, and soon he found himself standing in front of a liquid sea of color. He was confused but, even more so, amazed. It was surrealistic; never had he ever seen something as magical and beautiful.

Magical colorful lake

The camel didn’t know what to expect as he walked the last few feet that separated him from the lake of color. He felt drawn towards it, and as he reached the edge where the water started, an overwhelming desire to drink overtook him. Without hesitation or knowing that the natural chemicals of the lake would change him forever, he bent down and drank. That is how the first UniCamel came into existence, a camel, unique of its kind.

Okay, so the true inspiration behind the UniCamel came from an article by Alex Lazarow. It inspired me to think differently. Everyone in the start-up/fintech space dreamed of becoming a Unicorn overnight. The goal was funding, VCs, and big money yesterday and not tomorrow. Reading Alex’s article helped me to understand that the Unicorn way was not the right way but that the UniCamel way was the way forward!

Read the original article; enjoy!